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Check out episodes of my hockey podcast with special for us on the Honda West Division and the St. Louis Blues franchise. Look for lively shows with knowledgeable guests and big hockey personalities each week.


Brock Banner, Hockey Enthusiast

Podcaster, NHL Blogger,
Writer, Social Media Content creator

I write a lot of hockey stuff for STLFanReport.com

The site is for St. Louis Blues hockey lovers but written from a fan's perspective. Follow STLFanReport.com on Blues game days for interviews, guests, intermission reports, in-game analysis and more.

My site is also filled with all kinds of crazy stuff - from time wasters to bizarre news and weird headlines. I even offer relationship advice. So, check out all of the fun here! 

Follow me on Twitter @RealBrockBanne1

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My work is often featured on the STLFanReport.com website.

The Brock Banner Podcast is available on Anchor.fm

Who Is This Guy Anyway?

As a sports enthusiast, Brock Banner offers his analysis and opinions to people who are very interested in a particular activity or subject, like hockey, as defined by the word enthusiast.

His hockey analysis and feature stories often appear on the STLFanReport.com website, a fan site dedicated to St. Louis Blues hockey.

The Brock Banner Podcast drops weekly, and after most St. Louis Blues games! Be sure to check out the episodes here

Check it out here >>>

Podcasts, Blogs, St. Louis Blues Hockey Analysis, Many More Fun Things

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Blog posts, podcasts and other hockey-related media for NHL fans and fans of the St. Louis Blues.


NHL Podcasts

Check out player interviews, alumni stories, NHL history and more on the Brock Banner Podcast.


Meet Brock Banner

Enthusiast: (n) a person who is very interested in a particular activity or subject.


When Children Smoked

Useful historical trivia you can probably actually use someday.


Relationship Advice

Love is a circus and I get to pick up all the elephant poop. So what is your heartbreak story? I'm kind of listening.


Take My Money

Real, ridiculous products that people  actually purchase


Little Morning Nip

Ripped from today's headlines - bizarre, weird, disturbing things people do for chuckles.


BB's Guest Spots

Brock's various media interviews and guest spots on NHL hockey podcasts are all in one place.

Ads We Miss

Very cool retro things we all miss.


Hot takes? Not here.
I am educated, and 
I just love sports.

The experts agree, Brock Banner covers hockey from pipe to pipe. He plays a full 200-foot game and leaves his all on the ice every day. He's a fourth-line player who gives first-line effort. He can only be beat on his stick side. He is the ultimate role player who knows the view from press row as an unhealthy scratch.

Brock earned a Masters Degree in BlahBlahBlah from WhoCaresUniversity. He did extensive undergraduate work at Shakespeare's Pizza en route to a degree in whatsitagain studies.

Brock Banner proudly served our nation in the Army, and is #VeteranProud



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